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~ Hello ~
Welcome to That Renaissance Flair!!
Thank you for visiting and supporting our
family of Renaissance Festival Vendors and Entertainers
during these strange times.
 ~Leilani ~

Love Renaissance Festivals? 

That Renaissance Flair!! is an online portal, providing listings from across the nation to Renaissance Festival vendorsentertainers & more!!

In the moment, in these strange times, That Renaissance Flair is making an effort to help our Renaissance Faire family. The family of vendors and entertainers are experiencing the detrimental financial impact of COVID-19 closures of faires. The financial floor has dropped out from under so many. 
​Renaissance Faires and Festivals across the nation are experiencing any or all of the following: 

  • ​Delayed openings
  • Cancelling their 2020 events 
  • COVID-19 restrictions detrimentally effecting budgets resulting in downsizing
This directly impacts livelihood. Many vendors who appreciate personal face-to-face sales on site and have enjoyed decades of success working within the Renaissance Faire circuit, have had to regroup and turn toward survival online and advertisement & promotion is crucial.
​That Renaissance Flair is helping out by providing a cost FREE outlet for vendors and entertainers to advertise, to promote and to further awareness across social media. To bring awareness and invite the public to visit the growing list of now online vendors and entertainers from across the nation that are "Taking It Online". 

​They bring to you their performances and wares online for you to enjoy, support and share.

Also find That Renaissance Flair!! Magazine on Flipboard: Stories and articles about Renaissance Festivals, re-enactors, entertainers and vendors coping with the financial impact of festival closures and the transition to virtual festivals, performances and online sales during the 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic. 

All merchandise questions, requests, transactions and concerns are handled through each vendor's provided web link.

Many vendors have a long history of successful face-to-face onsite sales, have large followings and their businesses do have an online presence as a Page on Facebook, but due to these times are now working toward offering their wares to you to shop for online as well.

Please be kind, be patient, as they build up, stock and refine their online stores.

No membership, no joining, just find a vendor link that suits your flair.

The categories are broad and each vendor may offer a wide array of items.

If you are looking for a vendor in your state, enter the state in the Search Bar.

Just maybe you'll find a vendor who has just what you're looking for and something new you just need to have in your life right now.

Your Support is Appreciated

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