Wednesday, September 23, 2020

No flies in my cup!! "Step Back in Time" and support local crochet artists...have you heard of the Crochet Cup Cover?


Holiday Crochet Cup Cover
Holiday Gift Idea

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Ever have one of those moments where you've placed a paper towel or something else briefly over your favorite coffee mug just to keep the flying critters from taking a swim? I've seen it done, I admit I've done it too. Ditch the paper towel, step back in time and learn more about the Crochet Cup Cover, also known as the Goblet Cover.


Imagine having your very own adorable Crochet Cup Cover adorned with beads or jewels and even tie-dyed with your favorite colors. These adorable cup covers are quite popular amongst Renaissance Festival participants and visitors, but wouldn't it be a cute "Step Back in Time" Holiday gift idea? 

Where do you find such a cover? Since many Renaissance Festival Vendors are offering their crafts for purchase online due to the pandemic and festival closures, you don't have to do more than follow their weblink to buy. 

One such Crochet Crafter offering Crochet Cup Covers is Jac of Art!! You can find and support Jac of Art on Facebook and Etsy at JacOfArt 

Jac of Art: Blue Bead Small Cup Cover
Jac of Art: Blue Bead Small Cup Cover 

To view additional beautiful examples, learn more details on the history of its use and find a DIY tutorial if you dare!! Visit Ohio Renaissance Festival-Let's Make a Goblet Cover at