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Renaissance Fashion!! Landsknechtes and Ladies

Maybe you've visited a Renaissance Festival and have just been in the right place at the right time to spot the brightly colored, paned or "puffed and slashed" clothing worn by the reenactors as they march by, flags and pole arms in hand, to the beat of the battle drums echoing across the fields. 

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Just maybe you've been swept away with the desire to join the ranks of reenactors or you just have a fancy to put together your own outfit to wear to your next faire; but where do you get such an outfit?

This "look"!! 
What is it? 
This "puffed and slashed" look is from the German Renaissance period. 
The men seen in the video above are wearing Landsknechte mercenary uniforms.
The ladies can also be seen wearing gowns with "puffed and slashed" sleeves. 
The example below is that of German "Landsknechte" fashion ca. 1510.   

You love the "look"
You now know What it Is
You set out to buy it. 
Except, you may have strolled through the shops at the faire, just not finding exactly what you're looking for. 


Why is that???

Here's the Scoop!!
The guild members/reenactors have either sewn their outfits, properly referred to as garb, themselves or have commissioned a skilled seamstress to custom make it for them.  

One such seamstress is Terri Casey of Southern California. 
You may have met her at the Northern California Renaissance Faire.

Terri Casey does commission work specializing in Elizabethan, 16th century German & Victorian. 
 Submit inquiries by email to

The garb is created as close to "period" as possible, following historical paintings, etc as reference, using the most historically accurate materials and techniques. 

Behind the Scenes!!
In between faires and festivals, the members of a guild are known to come together to enjoy "sewing get-togethers" where repairs, additions and new garb are created for the upcoming run of the faire. 
If one day you become part of a guild, you'll enjoy the friendship and the passing of knowledge about garb collection and creation. 

Don't Be Discouraged!! 
There are garb items available for purchase from some vendors, maybe not as specific as the German Landsknechte, but there are vendors available to help you on your way. 
Now is a great opportunity, the upside to COVID-19 is that many vendors have turned toward online sales to ride out the COVID-19 closures of faires and festivals and that means you get to shop now.  Your choice from vendors from across the nation are out there waiting. 
You'll be "faire ready" for next year in no time!!

To help you get started, below you'll find a few links to a variety of online vendors. 

A little Renaissance Fashion fun for the little ones.

Print and Color

More examples of Landsknechte fashion in action.

"Just a little list of the vendors available"




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DIY Garb

Thursday, July 9, 2020

Two more days and Virtual Sterling 2020 begins!! Don't miss out.

Taking it Online!!

Virtual Sterling

Countdown: 2 days to go!!

July 11th - August 15th

"Sterling Renaissance Festival Season
Due to COVID19 The Festival will not be open for the 2020 Season. All tickets purchased for 2020 will be valid in 2021. Thank you for your continued support and patronage and GOD SAVE THE QUEEN!" 
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Children and Renaissance Play in the 21st Century

Toddler playing with wooden blocks

We can't deny that click, touch, tap, scroll, Zoom, batteries required and WiFi Ready are common terms associated with children's toys and games in the 21st Century, but there has been another favorite type of toy purchased by many parents over the past years.

This favorite type of toy is called a Back-to-Basics toy and there's a philosophy of Back-to-Basics that surrounds its preference.  This desire for simplicity, toys that "come to life" through the creativity of the child's imagination, has grown amongst many parents. 

When you consider back-to-basics toys, you might think of stacking blocks, pull toys, and other items such as play kitchen sets, etc.; but did you know that many of these toys were popular during the Renaissance period and beyond. 

Although there is debate among historians regarding the role and importance of children during the Renaissance period and some mention that children have been depicted in period artwork with the appearance of being mini adults, that they can be seen dressed like the adults, that they may not have enjoyed a childhood in the manner that children do today.  That life was harsh.