Monday, June 29, 2020

Do you know the history behind the "Big Open Drum and Dance Circle"?

A Little Fun Fact
Provided by Koroneburg Renaissance Festival

Do you know the history behind the Renaissance Festival "Big Open Drum and Dance Circle"?

During this weeks Online Renaissance Festival, Koroneburg explains

"What "Ale Jam" is, is a big open drum/dancing circle that is started somewhat near the front of the festival about 30 minutes before closing. All are invited to participate. Its historical practical purpose was to draw people towards the front of the fair grounds to make clearing the park after closing easier. It then became a sort of tradition that a lot of events do at the end of the faire day."

If you've never been to faire, never experienced the sounds of a Renaissance Festival Drum Circle, enjoy the sounds of the many drums and tambourines in this fun video below.

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