Sunday, May 31, 2020

A Flair for Fantasy? How about Tickle Thy Fantasy?

Drum Roll!! Introducing the latest edition to That Renaissance Flair's list of clothing vendors.

Tickle Thy Fantasy
A California vendor with a 50+ year history providing handmade renaissance clothing.
That history dating back to the Original Renaissance Pleasure Faire!!

Two women wearing fantasy renaissance clothing

We did a little dress up video for Tickle Thy Fantasy. 

Our lovely clothing can be found at:

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Pyrojuggling!! Awesome online show!! Catch it while you can.

Thomas Wood the Pyrojuggler!!

Recent Online Show 
For a Limited Time Only
Enjoy it before it's gone!!

If you'd like to tip your juggler please send to:
Venmo @ thomaswoodjuggler

Saturday, May 30, 2020

Introducing Ancient Mysteries Divination

Ancient Mysteries Divination

We read palms, tarot cards, runes, lip prints, astrology charts and do dream interpretation.
Find Online

Renaissance Festival Vendors

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You would normally be able to visit Ancient Mysteries Divination 
The Maryland Renaissance Festival

Maryland, U.S.A.

Watch the Lip Print Reading episode on Doctor Oz

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Beautiful music performed by Misti Music, a Renaissance Festival Entertainer!!

This is beautiful!!
Look past the rough start.
Transitioning to these virtual performances is a learning curve.

Misti Music

"Hi Friends! Tonight we're stepping off to Spain once again, featuring guest artist Michael Gartner on the medieval vielle."

Please feel free to drop a coin or three into the virtual tip basket below.


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Calling Renaissance Festival Vendors and Entertainers: That Renaissance Flair is here to help!!

Renaissance festival jouster.

That Renaissance Flair is making an effort to help our Renaissance Faire and Festival Family of Vendors and More.

This is a cost-free outlet for the Renaissance Faire & Festival vendors and entertainers during the financial crush due to COVID-19 closures of such faires and festivals.

This is an off FB gathering, an opportunity, a compilation of web links to Renaissance Festival vendors and entertainers from across the nation.

Vendors and Entertainers looking to submit their free listing, find submission guidelines here

Website categories are added when new vendor's items require it.

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

No Stopping Dancing Knights and Rennies in COVID-19 Lockdown!!

 Just the Funnest Videos to Watch Right Now

Keeping spirits high and the energy going, despite the COVID-19 festival closures. 

Monday, May 25, 2020

Today, May 25th...The Koroneburg Renaissance Festival Opening Online!!

Baron Heinrich Von Lauffer to open the Online 23rd season!!

12pm PDT, 2pm CDT
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for all this season's online events.
This is a FREE online event.

2020 Online Festival 
May 25-June 21
To Donate
to the
 Koroneburg Renaissance Festival's
Loyal Order of Re-enactment Enthusiasts (LORE) Program
The Loyal Order of Re-enactment Enthusiasts (LORE) is organized around an education goal. The purpose of the organization is to provide the means for history enthusiasts, educators and students to develop or expand their skills and background in various aspects of history.

↓    Donate Here   ↓

Koroneburg Renaissance Festival 2020 Online!! Grand Opening Speech...Don't Miss Out!!

Koroneburg Renaissance Festival Online
Grand Opening Speech!!
Monday, May 25th at 12pm PDT, 2pm CDT

Sunday, May 24, 2020

Remembering those who have fallen...Memorial Day 2020

Memorial Day 2020
Renaissance Style

Saturday, May 23, 2020

Sword Swallowing!! Don't miss the Online Koroneburg Sword Swallowing Show!!

Watch Cyrus Pynn "The Sword Swallower"

Hello dear fans and welcome new ones!
This coming weekend was supposed to be the opening weekend of Koroneburg Renaissance Faire.
Since I cannot be there to perform for you all in person, I’m bringing the performance to you!!!

I will present my Sword Swallowing Variety Show on Facebook Live every Saturday at a different time for the run of Koroneburg! (Next 5 weekends)

Each show will feature different stunts,... so tune in every Saturday and invite your friends! Some may wish to see it again and others may have never seen this before!

See you Saturday!
~Cyrus Pynn~

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Sword Swallower's Virtual Tip Jars
Venmo: @Cyrus-Pynn 

Joust!! The Grand Joust!!


Reenactors at Renaissance Festival
Guests of the Baron to watch the Grand Joust
Koroneburg Renaissance Festival
The drums play and its beat echoes through the village, leading all to the great arena where cannons blast!!

Cannon blast

 and battles ensue...

Renaissance Festival battle scene

then enters...
 the knight in armour, 
who battles while seated high upon the great horse!! 

Such a grand show!!

Armoured jouster seated upon horse in an arena.

Jeffrey Hedgecock
Armourer ~ Jouster 
World Joust Tournaments

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Just what the man in your life might need!! Introducing Viking Jerk's Beard Care!!

Viking Jerk's Beard Care
Vendor of Renaissance festivals offering all-natural handmade beard and hair care products
Beard Care Kit

All-natural, handmade beard and hair care products.

Vendor based in Maryland, U.S.

Vendor at Manassas Viking Festival, Ravenwood Faire, Party Like It's 793 Viking Festival, Dills Celtic Festival, Southern Maryland Celtic Festival

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Instagram: @vikingjerk

Jewelry!! Historical Handcrafted Jewelry!! Introducing Rigr Crafts!!

Introducing Rigr Crafts!! 

Vendor of Renaissance festivals offering handcrafted historically inspired Viking jewelry
Viking Knit bracelet and a handmade Yggdrasil pendant

Handmade historically inspired jewelry specializing in a historical technique call Trichinopoly chain or Viking Knit, which was most popular in the Viking age.

Vendor based in Maryland, U.S

Vendor at Manassas Viking Festival, Ravenwood Faire, Party Like It's 793 Viking Festival at Brimming Horn Meadery, Dills Celtic Festival, and the Southern Maryland Celtic Festival.

Follow on Facebook at
Instagram @rigrcrafts

Do you love pottery? Introducing Prancing Pony Pottery!!

Prancing Pony Pottery
Vendor of Renaissance festivals offering handcrafted pottery and stoneware items

Prancing Pony Pottery focuses on creating wheel-thrown and hand-built stoneware that can be enjoyed every day. Each piece of pottery is individually crafted, fired, and then glazed by potter Anna Marie Torre Wright in her Richardsville, Virginia, studio. Since each piece of Prancing Pony Pottery is hand-made by the artisan, your item will be a one-of-a-kind piece of pottery that you can use and enjoy every day!

All Prancing Pony Pottery stoneware is created using lead-free glazes and most pieces are dishwasher, oven, and microwave safe.

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Vendor at: Virginia Renaissance Festival and Maryland Renaissance Festival (in Tessem Stoneware)

Monday, May 18, 2020

Leather Work!! Introducing Rev's Armour Werx!!

Rev's Armour Werx
Vendor of Renaissance festivals offering handcrafted ready-made and custom leather items

Rev's Armour Werx can fill your every leather need...
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Vendor at: Sherwood Forest Faire, Scarborough Renaissance Festival, Colorado Renaissance Festival, Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival and Texas Renaissance Festival

Enjoy virtual entertainers too!! Introducing De Gekevvlek!!

Introducing De Gekevvlek!!
De Gekkevlek Aka The Crazy Spot! 
Is a stage and street performer! 
Utilizing music and comedy to entertain crowds...

Entertainer for Renaissance festivals-online and onsite entertainment

Follow De Gekevvlek on Facebook for more entertainment!! 
Escondido Renaissance Faire, Escondido Renaissance Fantasy Faire, High Desert Pirate Renaissance Faire, Koroneburg Renaissance Festival, Big Bear Renaissance Faire

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Saturday, May 16, 2020

Introducing Faire Ladies, Faire Lords!!

Faire Ladies, Faire Lords
Vendor offering Renaissance clothing and costumes
European renaissance clothing, German Landsknecht costumes, English renaissance costuming, Irish garb, Spanish renaissance attire, and lots of creative fantasy costumes for renfaire patrons...Gift Certificates Available.

That Renaissance Flair is an Affiliate Marketing Publisher. 
We earn commissions if you shop through the advertisement links on this site.

California based vendor.

Currently offering the following coupon!!
Vendor of Renaissance clothing and costumes coupon

Vendor at Koroneburg Renaissance Festival, Renaissance Pleasure Faire (Southern and Northern)

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On-boarding Vendors Soon!!

Koroneburg Renaissance festival location-village buildings

In the moment, in these strange times, That Renaissance Flair is making an effort to help our Renaissance Faire and Festival Family of Vendors and More.

The goal is to bring to you a list of Vendor Website links, all here, all in one place.

All merchandise questions, requests, transactions and concerns are handled through each vendor's provided web link.

No membership, no joining, just find a vendor that suits your flair.